Hacettepe IDEAL, founded by members of the Department of Business Administration in order to inform and support our undergraduate students about entrepreneurship, sets out with the slogan “Transforming Ideas into Business and Business into Value”. Aiming to create an active entrepreneurship ecosystem within the campus, Hacettepe IDEAL wishes to institutionalize a sustainable entrepreneurship approach within the university. In this context, certain activities such as training, mentoring, and peer processes were designed by the IDEAL team.

Through these activities, it is aimed to increase undergraduate students’ awareness of entrepreneurship, to reveal their entrepreneurial intentions, and to increase their entrepreneurial behavior.

In this way, Hacettepe IDEAL enables students to take the first step towards becoming Innovators, Dreamers, Entrepreneurs, Achievers, and Learners.


Revealing the entrepreneurial potential of undergraduate students.


To introduce students to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, to help them gain skills and develop business ideas that will make them successful in this ecosystem.


Be innovative
Take initiative
Not harming nature
Behave ethically